Information on how to make 2000 dollars fast is everywhere these days.

Hop on YouTube, Facebook, or your favorite blog, and you’re inundated with content promoting work from home jobs that anyone can do.

But finding a full-time or part-time job that you can do in your spare time is not that easy.

And how the heck can you differentiate between legit jobs and scams?

All these are great questions – and we are here to help you answer them.

In this post, you’ll find a list of legitimate, proven jobs so you can pick one that is right for you.

Ready to figure out how to make $2000 in a week, either part-time or full-time?

To make $2000 a week consistently needs time, patience, and persistence. We’ll talk about the long-term options later in the article.

But first…

How can I make 2000 dollars fast?

If you need 2000 dollars by tomorrow, then here are some ways to make money fast.

1. Selling stuff you already own is the fastest way to make $2000

It’s the best and easiest way to make money quickly.

The item could be as big as your car or small stuff like speakers, headphones, and other devices.

But where do you find people to buy your stuff?

  • Advertise on Facebook Marketplace – Reach thousands of people looking for things to buy within a certain radius where you live.
  • Advertise on Craigslist – Create a post on Craigslist advertising something you want to sell, and people within your radius will reach out to you.
  • Use decluttr: Decluttr is a free platform that allows you to sell tech devices, cell phones, DVDs, books, games, and other things quickly. Simply list your items on decluttr, receive a valuation, ship to for free, and get paid.

It may take a bit of time to list items, but it can take a shorter time if you have some decent stuff people want.

It’s easier to sell bigger ticket items for $250, $500, or even $1000 – especially valuable electronics. It all depends on how badly or urgently you need the money.

Craigslist is free. Sign up and set up an account. You’ll also need a cell phone or camera to take photos. Write good descriptions, take quality photos, and you’re set.

You can also sell your car through a dealer and sell directly. You can always find a ready buyer at the right price. You can get the money instantly or on the same day.

However, be prepared to accept a slightly lower price than what you’d get at a private sale. It’s because the dealer also needs to make a profit. While you might not get the best price, you get the money quickly.

But what if you have something of value that you don’t want to sell?

2. Rent out your stuff for quick cash

Renting out your entire home is a good option if you’ve got somewhere else to stay for a while.

You could move in with a friend or sleep on the couch while you rent out the rest of the property.

It feels a bit uncomfortable, right? But it’s a sacrifice you can make especially when you’re in dire need of money. Maybe you have a medical bill running or a pressing debt you need to pay off fast.

Airbnb can help you rent out your property or try short-term letting agents. Listing your property and getting bookings takes a few weeks, and that could take a couple of months before you get the money.

But to fast-track your income, try lowering your prices to beat your competition or ask friends and family if they know anybody looking for a place to stay.

3. Borrowing money might be a faster option

What if you neither have a car or home to rent? Maybe they are not just good options for you?

Then, borrowing may just be the best option if you need 2000 dollars by tomorrow.

Here are some options to explore

  • Re-mortgage your house – It’s relatively easy to free up $2000 worth of equity in your home. However, it’s still a huge decision to take. If all other ideas don’t work and you still need the money urgently – then it might be the only option.
  • Take a bank loan – Bank loans are relatively easy ways to get money quickly. You have to meet a few financial checks to qualify. Otherwise, also make sure you know how much you need to pay back and the loan term.
  • Take a payday loan – Payday loans have become more popular recently. The best thing about them is that you get the money almost instantly, making them a good option if you need $2000 fast.

However, their interest rates are usually higher than bank loans. They also charge you penalties for missed deadlines. You could get into more debt with payday loans, so make sure to check all the small print.

But maybe you don’t need $2000 fast.

You want to create a sustainable source of passive or extra income. You don’t mind investing time and few resources to get started.

That’s what we’ll talk about next.

Even though they take time to grow, they are reliable and can potentially replace your current full-time job.

How to make 2000 dollars online

If you’re looking for online jobs to do in your spare time, then the jobs below are right for you.

Such jobs are fantastic for stay-at-home moms/dads, students, or anyone who is not ready to quit their day job.

You can also do the same jobs on a full-time basis if you wish. But they can also fit in your little spare time, busy schedule and become a good source of extra income.

4. Become a Facebook Ads Manager

Most companies know the importance of Facebook Marketing as a way to generate leads and customers. However, they’re afraid to waste their money creating unsuccessful ad campaigns.

Your work is to create and manage Facebook Ads for your customers and get them leads and sales cost-effectively.

Other roles include creating ad copies, images, a strategy, and sometimes landing pages. You also study analytics to figure out how to improve your ads. Your customers also expect you to create monthly reports to show them your progress.

Show them why it’s in their best interest to keep paying for your services.

Most customers pay a monthly retainer to create, manage, and optimize ad campaigns for them.

Most Facebook Ad managers charge between $1000 – $2000 per month. Others charge a percentage of sales/leads their ads generate.

Either option can be lucrative, depending on how good you are.

Creating ad campaigns takes a lot of work initially, but you can manage in just a few hours a day.

It’s possible to make $2000 a week depending on how many clients you take on and whether you work full-time or part-time.

Success Tips

How do you know if the job is right for you?

  • Marketing skills – You understand how to create marketing strategies and ad campaigns that succeed.
  • Creativity – Your creativity will help you create visuals and compelling ad copy.
  • Analytical – You need to analyze and understand ad metrics essential for your campaign goals and how to improve them.

Where can you find jobs?

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • LinkedIn
  • Network in online and offline communities
  • Cold pitch small businesses.

While you don’t need formal education, you must have experience in creating Facebook Ads (but you can learn)

5. Become a PPC Specialist

Just like Facebook Ads, most businesses know PPC Ads are valuable but don’t take advantage.

As a PPC (pay-per-click) Specialist, you create and manage search engine ad campaigns for them.

Your customers give you a monthly budget to spend on their ad campaigns. Your work is to identify keywords in a search engine like Bing, Google then creates ads that attract leads and sales.

Creating and launching ads requires a lot of upfront work. But after that, you can manage and monitor ad campaigns in just a few hours a day.

Every month, your customer expects you to create monthly reports to demonstrate value for their money.

You can make between $1000 – $2000 per month. However, the more clients you take on, the more money you make.

Just like Facebook Ads, specialize in a niche and learn from the best.

To become a successful PPC specialist, you need good marketing and advertising skills, creativity, and analytical skills.

You don’t need any formal education, but you must have the experience creating PPC Ads to make $2000 a week.

6. Become an eBay Arbitrage

eBay Arbitrage sounds funny, but it’s one of the simplest ways to make $2000 fast.

eBay Arbitrage, also known as Retail Arbitrage, is buying items online and offline and selling them on eBay at a higher price.

Before you begin, you have to know where to find cheap products to resell. Such places include:

  • Garage Sales – Most people who sell things at garage sales are ignorant of the market prices.
  • Craiglist – You will not only find cheap things, but you can also find products people are giving away for free.
  • eBay: You can also find cheap items on eBay, especially from sellers who make mistakes, causing them not to get as many bids and eventually sell them at a lower price.
  • Clearance sales – Some local stores sell items on clearance to get rid of their merchandise.

To get started, you need to create an eBay Seller’s Account. Every time you find a good deal, buy the product and list it on eBay at a markup. Ensure your prices cover shipping while giving you a decent profit.

eBay Arbitrage is a legit way to make extra money. You can make $1000+ in one week just working on the weekends. You can even turn it into a full-time job to make $2000 in a week.

To succeed as an eBay Arbitrage, you need to;

  • Stick to familiar products, and you’ll be better at finding great deals.
  • Always check before you buy anything. Search the product on eBay to see if it appears in Sold Listings. Also, check the average selling price if it’s more than what you pay.
  • Understand keyword research. When listing your products, ensure to use keywords your customers use when searching. Otherwise, no one will even find your products.
  • Be patient because items take time to sell.
  • Always be on the lookout for cheap items and deals you can flip.
  • Understand your market. eBay Arbitrage is more lucrative when you know how to spot products selling for way less than their worth – especially collectibles. Again do lots of product research and stick to selling items you are familiar with.

You can realistically make $100 – $1000 per week. To make $2000 in one week requires you to put in more time and products.

7. Create and develop niche websites

It involves creating a website in a small niche and developing it until it ranks for specific search engine keywords.

You can rent that website and its leads to local businesses.

Many businesses don’t have the time, money, and expertise to build a website that successfully attracts leads for their businesses.

Hiring an SEO expert can also be expensive. So if you can create and build a successful niche website, many businesses will be willing to rent it from you for a fair price.

To get started, pick a niche in a high-ticket industry such as electricians, plumbing, or hobbies. Then build a website around that niche, find related keywords, and create high-quality content that ranks for the same keywords.

Once your website is ranking, you can sell the leads, rent it out for a monthly fee or sell the website.

You can monetize through affiliate marketing or make money with ads.

Ranking and renting a niche website can create an endless stream of passive income.

Success tips

  • Choose a high-ticket niche with expensive products or services. That way, you rent or sell leads for more money.
  • Learn from your top competitors. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • SEO skills will help you optimize your website and content to rank for specific keywords in search engines.
  • Content marketing skills help you create and execute a content strategy that attracts leads.
  • Patience and persistence – ranking a website takes time and effort.
  • Sales skills – some businesses will need a little bit of convincing to get them to buy or rent your site.

You can make between $1000 – $3000 per month, depending on your traffic.

Sayan Neogie made $9482 in December 2020 (an average of $2000 every week)

You’re sitting on a goldmine if you’re already familiar with SEO or willing to learn.

Pick a job and get to work.

Every job listed in this article has a proven track record. Many people have found online success and built a comfortable lifestyle.

And with the information we’ve provided, you should be able to find a job that suits you.

Scan the list again, pick one method that interests you, pick one, find more resources to explore it further.

Now find your own way to make $2000 in a week.

If you ever doubt whether you can actually make $2000 in a week or just a pipe dream…

Remember, most people don’t get rich on their first attempt or their first business. You may not either, which is okay.

Consider every step is a learning moment.

Keep going. Keep trying new things until you find what works for you eventually. It may be faster than you think or take longer than you hope. But you’ll get there.

Always keep that in mind next time doubts plague your mind.

Therefore, go forth and begin your journey of making extra money.

Do you want to share any thoughts or questions? Leave a comment below. Or, browse the rest of